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Website monitor


Gain the advantage of being the initial informer about your website's downtime! Dependable monitoring alerts you prior to any major issues and aids in cost savings.

Cron Monitor


Referred to as heartbeat monitoring, this involves overseeing regular background tasks or internal network devices that are linked to the internet.

Keyword monitor


Keyword monitoring involves a comprehensive approach to tracking your website's presence and position in search results for particular keywords.

SSL monitor


Prevent visitor loss due to an expired SSL certificate. Receive notifications 30, 14, and 7 days prior to the certificate's expiration.

Port monitor


Is the email system operational? What about the essential database server? Monitor any particular service that's active on any port.

Ping monitor


Utilize one of the frequently employed instruments that administrators use to assess the accessibility of network devices.

Get notified!

Integrate with different notification tool.

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Slacks

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Voice call

  • Telegram

  • Google Chat

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The Importance of Website Monitoring: Ensuring Your Site Stays Online

The Importance of Website Monitoring: Ensuring Your Site Stays Online

Website monitoring helps maintain uptime and a positive user experience by identifying and resolving issues before they impact visitors. This leads to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Is monitoring important?

Is monitoring important?

Yes, monitoring is important in a variety of contexts. It can help to identify and resolve problems before they cause outages, security breaches, or other disruptions. It can...

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What is port and ping monitoring?

Port and ping monitoring is the process of tracking the availability and performance of network ports and devices. This includes monitoring the status of TCP and UDP ports,...

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